WMS Gaming

The first predecessor of today’s slot machines was created at the end of the nineteenth century. It is unnecessary to say that they quickly gained popularity and were soon among the most popular attractions. While they kept evolving during the years, the principle remained the same — the player would have to match the symbols across the payline to get a reward. 

Of course, the game became more complex and naturally more rewarding. Instead of winning candy or a few nickels, the players had a chance to win real money. During the seventies, the first video slot was introduced, and they quickly replaced mechanical ones. 

Not only could those slots feature unique and exciting themes, but they could also offer additional features and bonus levels. Naturally, everyone loved the improvement, and over the years, slots became the most popular casino attraction.

Williams Gaming

Williams Gaming

This Chicago company is a subsidiary of WMS Industries. The roots of the company stretch all the way to the forties when William Manufacturing Company was founded. For the greater part of its career, the company created pinball machines and arcade games. The business was booming. Until it wasn’t. They decided to take a quick turn, and WMS started creating video slot machines at the beginning of the nineties. 

The entire pinball industry started to decline, and the company focused its business on gambling. Among the main ideas WMS had was to incorporate the intellectual property and thus liven up the gaming machines. The goal was to move away from monotonous mechanical slots that were present at the time. 

For almost a century, the slots offered several paying symbols that were usually horseshoe, liberty bell, fruits, and such. WMS used their experience in the gaming industry to add variations that weren’t available anywhere in the market. Their first slot was Reel ‘em In, and it was the first U.S. slot to offer a secondary screen. There, the players could get an additional payout or accumulate their winnings. 

Their business kept growing, and they soon stopped creating pinballs and moved completely to the gambling industry. Furthermore, during the nineties, several states legalized the lottery and allowed gambling, which only allowed WMS to demonstrate their creativity.

In 2001, they released their first Monopoly-themed slot that the company leased or licensed to casinos. Unlike other casinos, they chose not to sell their games but to lease them. Soon after that, their popular titles like Men in Black, Clint Eastwood, the Lord of the Rings, the Dukes of Hazzard, and many others followed. Furthermore, some of those slots were connected to the same network so the players could participate in a chance to win a large jackpot that was based on all the play across the slots on the same server. 

Among the main advantages of WMS slots is the fact that they’ve always had licenses for popular movies, characters, and TV shows. By playing their slots, the player would get a real thing instead of something that slightly resembles their favorite show. 

Online Slot Games

Online Slot Games

In 2012, WMS started focusing on the online market and games for mobile devices. Today, you can find various casinos online that can stand side by side with the ones in Las Vegas. We will take a look at the most popular WMS slots that are available today. 

Wizard of Oz

The slot was inspired by the famous movie and story about the Great Wizard of Oz. This is a perfect game for every person that loved them. While it offers standard five reels and twelve paylines, the slot is still fun to play.

There are also additional bonus features where you can win free spins, and there are even short video clips from the movie. One of the most exciting features is when Glinda the Good Witch appears and transforms the symbols into wilds that can replace any other symbol in the game. 

When the game initially appeared, it created a new standard for slot machines. Everyone was blown away with its unique features and bonuses. If you were looking for a vintage slot where you can win a lot, WOZ is undoubtedly on top of the list.

Jackpot Party

Jackpot Party

Even though the slot is not as glossy and visually stunning as the recent ones, it has a unique spirit and theme that remain popular to this day. It is also one of the first video game slots that gives you the chance to pick your own prize.

If you trigger the bonus feature, you will get to choose one of the gifts. Whatever you find inside is yours to keep. The game also perfectly captures the lifestyle and imagination of players in Las Vegas. 

The symbols in the game are something that every party should have, like a disco ball, cake, vinyl player, lava lamps, and others. If you have a chance, you should check the Jackpot Party. There is a high chance that you will get a dose of nostalgia with it. 


After a successful career as the king of all gods, Zeus decided to join this incredible Greek mythology-themed slot. The symbols in the game represent items from ancient Greece and their stories. There are ancient drachmas, pots, laurel wreaths, and mythological creatures like Pegasus.

The game also offers a chance to win up to a hundred free spins. Of course, players will love the fact that the slot can be quite generous. The game is perfect for all the Greek lore lovers out there — it is not often that you can find a way to spend some time with the thunder god. 

Zeus slot offers thirty paylines across five reels and three rows. Besides, the players can pick the size of the coin allowing both high-rollers and casual slot players to enjoy the game. Finally, the popularity of the slot inspired a new generation of slots in Sin City like Kronos, with Zeus’ father as the main character. 

Monopoly Series

Monopoly Series

It would be rather strange not to mention at least one of the slots from the Monopoly series. The game became one of the most recognizable slots that WMS offers. Inspired by the popular table game, the slot will offer a potentially incredible win. Of course, only if the player is lucky enough. When it comes to symbols in the game, we can see playing pieces and characters from the game, depending on the version of the slot you pick. 

One of the games from the series, Mega Movers, will allow players to visit some of the locations from the well-known Monopoly board, and win incredible rewards. 

While the original board game can sometimes be frustrating, these slots manage to avoid that, and the players will win a lot if they are fortunate enough. 

Mad Tea Party

The slot is inspired by the famous Lewis Carroll story about a girl named Alice. Mad Tea Party gives us an opportunity to visit Wonderland again and win a lot. Among the best qualities of the game is the attention to details. The symbols in the slot are all inspired by characters from the story. There are rabbits, Mad Hatter, tea set, cakes, and so many more. 

Among the exciting features is the possibility of Cheshire Cat appearing and transforming symbols into up to ten wilds. Of course, Alice can also randomly appear and transform up to five reels into the wild. 

Mad Tea Party is the most popular slot with this theme. Furthermore, the game offers so much fun and many potential rewards. Besides, there are various different bonuses and prizes that players can win if they join the game. 


WMS had a lot of ups and downs, but in the end, they managed to stay on the top. Even if they joined the entire slot race a bit late, they still managed to leave an important mark on the gambling industry. With high-quality games, great visuals, and of course, incredible rewards, there is no doubt that players will continue playing their slots.