The Amazing Games of Ainsworth Slots

Ainsworth Slots counts among the most quality software and hardware developers in the slot manufacturing business. Starting out in 1995, they gradually built an admirable reputation among players and casinos. And now they’re the toast of the global gaming sphere. So what are the most crucial details you should know about them? Read on to learn more about this reputable company.

History of Ainsworth Slots

As we’ve already established, Ainsworth Gaming Technology (AGT) first saw the light of day in 1995, with its headquarters in Australia. Those familiar with casino gaming manufacturers might already know the name Ainsworth. We’re, of course, talking about none other than Len Ainsworth.

If you don’t know, Len founded the now-legendary company named Aristocrat Leisure (AL), also a casino gaming developer. Aristocrat has been a gambling staple since 1953, so few can doubt its success or Len’s experience in the field. Many see the similarities to AL when they play Ainsworth slots.

Ever since their establishment, Ainsworth Gaming Technology have specialized in manufacturing live slot machines. Highlights of their hard work include the Ambassador, released in 2001, and the Ambassador SL models, launched in 2007. Casinos and players alike showed a great liking for these machines, and they saw tons of gaming action. 

The A560SL received special praise for its high quality, further bolstering the company’s reputation. And the A600 model proved just as noteworthy as a gaming product, amassing great acclaim at its debut in 2015.

The online front had long been in this Australia-based company’s eyes by that time, and they made strides to create a presence in the online gaming sphere as well. Thus far, they have produced a wealth of high-quality titles praised across the internet.

Popular Software From Ainsworth

Ainsworth online slots have been enjoying great popularity for quite a while now. The games largely resemble those that Aristocrat Leisure had created over the years. Keeping in mind the founder of both companies, this hardly comes as a surprise. AL’s repertoire has been quite impressive anyway, so likening the two feels more like a compliment than anything else.

AGT’s real-money slots online have been consistently solid, working on a “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mantra. This does mean that their online products haven’t been particularly innovative though. But they’ve shown more of a dedication toward perfecting already existing concepts and mechanics. And it’s not like they’ve never thought outside the box: they’ve come up with intriguing additions like sticky wilds and constantly wild reels.

But the most prominent feature that all AGT games online share is their realistic aesthetic. They really try to reel you in (pun unintended) with their atmosphere that closely mirrors that of playing in a lavish casino. The audio design helps here in particular, with the clicking and clattering akin to real-life machines. Funnily enough, quite a few of their online slot games go the opposite direction. They take on a wilderness-based theme, and these often turn out to be their most popular titles.

Great Games From AGT

Barnyard Bonanza

With a 93% RTP, five reels, and 20 paylines, Barnyard Bonanza provides tons of entertainment with a chance to profit. The lucky among you stand a chance to draw out 100,000 coins with the right combo. The Chicken scatter triggers bonus rounds that offer even more shots at scoring big wins. Each farmyard animal represents a different number of free spins. The ones with fewer spins are more likely to produce more powerful combinations, so choose wisely.


Eagle Bucks

Eagle Bucks takes the wild North American plains right to your screen. And there is certainly a lot of riches to be found, as many as 200,000 coins on a single bet, as well as an RTP as high as 94.09 percent! The shield symbol serves to safeguard you against unsuccessful wagers because they reward you with free spins. And keep our eye out for eagles on the fifth reel during these spins. They will reward you with yet another round of free spins!

Eagle Bucks Slot Online

Mighty Wilds

The wilds are treacherous, but they are just as bountiful. This game proves that with its RTP of 93.8% and massive payouts. Can you imagine winning 750,000 coins on a single spin? It could become a reality for you! The 30 paylines and five reels are fraught with mighty beasts and 2x, 3x, and 5x multipliers. The lion, in particular, is a much-welcome Wild. And if you feel like you’re being watched, it’s probably the eyes symbol, acting as the game’s scatter. They will bring you joy, however, since they trigger free spins.

Mighty Wilds Slot from Ainswoerth

Where to Find Ainsworth Slots

AGT has proven itself quite prolific in terms of land-based casino machines. Their products are widely available in casinos across New Zealand, Asia, Australia, the U.S., and Europe. Most experienced players will laud their slots as some of the most enticing in the industry. They offer wonderful payouts and cool themes that promise to grip you for hours on end.

In regards to online play, they might not be as widespread, but they’re far from obscure. You’ll find ATG games in over thirty online casinos. In addition, there exists the option to try out their free-to-play games. They’re a terrific idea for newcomers who want to familiarize themselves with a particular title before staking money on it.


Few can deny the quality work that Ainsworth has done in the gambling world. And AGT stands as a proud highlight of his accomplishments. Their slots development ensured them a steady course in the waters of reputable providers. With solid games enjoyed by thousands of players and a quality-oriented mentality, it’s no surprise that so many people seek out Ainsworth casinos.

The company’s track record hasn’t strayed from excellence as of yet. As things seem at the moment, that’s unlikely to change any time soon.