NetEnt Slots

Ever since the first slot machine was created, people have enjoyed the random chance of winning something. While everyone knows that games are purely based on luck, they still go back to playing this casino game. As we could’ve expected, the game has evolved a lot in the last fifty years. Today, most casinos will offer video slots instead of mechanical ones. Here, the outcome of the game is based on RNG, and thanks to the video screen, players can select different themes, paylines, etc. 

There are so many game developers that keep improving and introducing various ways to play the game. Among leading developers in the market is NetEnt. The company was founded in Sweden in 1996. Initially, the name of the company was Net Entertainment but was soon changed. 

Expansion of Net Entertainment

It didn’t take long for NetEnt to become one of the leaders in the business. Today, the company has two offices, one is in Sweden, and the other one is in Malta. There are so many online casinos that offer NetEnt games. The main reason for the success of NetEnt casinos is the quality of the games they offer. 

Not only does NetEnt offer a variety of games, but they also utilize the most recent and innovative technology. When it comes to software, NetEnt was the first game developer ever to use Java for their casino software. Besides Java, their games are based on HTML5, which makes it perfect for playing on any device. 

One of the unique things about NetEnt is that the company doesn’t have a casino of its own. This means that there is no conflict between NetEnt and customers, and the company is able to create the best possible games. 

NetEnt started with basic games available like Roulette, Blackjack, and a few video slots. All of their games offer the best possible experience for players. Naturally, due to its popularity, the company quickly grew, and casinos based on its software started offering more than a hundred different games. 


Among the main qualities of games that NetEnt offers is quality. Usually, NetEnt casinos will display RTP for each game as well as the volatility of video slots. Each of the games is designed using modern technology, and there aren’t many software developers that can compare to graphics of NetEnt’s games. 

We already mentioned that NetEnt was the first casino ever to use Java, and today, their games can be played online or by downloading the software. Furthermore, the company developed its software specifically for mobile gaming, which means that players can try their favorite slot on the go. 

Interestingly, most of the NetEnt games offer several bonuses, impressive graphics, and 3D animations. Playing any of the games the company offers is such a pleasure whether you play it for real money or free. Most of the games are available in the free version, which means that players can try them before proceeding to play for real. 

Furthermore, we should mention that their games often offer a progressive jackpot that players can try to win. If we take a look at the biggest wins at online casinos, three out of five are from a NetEnt game. In 2013, a Finnish player tried their luck, and they managed to win almost twenty million dollars on Mega Fortune progressive slot. Besides, if that is not impressive, the player’s wager was a quarter. 

With several progressive jackpots, various game features, bonuses, and exciting games, it isn’t difficult to understand why NetEnt remained at the top for almost two decades.

Online Slots

It is no secret that gamblers love slot machines. The games are simple to play, and all the player has to do is place their bet and spin the reels. 

Gonzo’s Quest

The slot follows a character named Gonzo, who is actually inspired by Gonzalo Pizarro, a famous conquistador. The players will get a chance to join Gonzo on his adventure to find El Dorado. 

Gonzo Quest Slots

Needless to say, the game looks incredible, and since the player joins the game, they will be able to see Gonzo in the corner of the screen. By getting winning combinations, the player will help Gonzo collect treasure from the ancient civilization. Naturally, the game offers a bonus feature that can further increase the reward. When the feature ends, Gonzo will take off his helmet and try to collect all the coins that the player has won. 

Another exciting feature is that whenever the player gets a winning combination, the symbols will disappear, and new ones will take their place, allowing players to win even more. The visuals in the game are incredible, and all of the symbols are inspired by Inca’s mythology and civilization. Gonzo’s Quest is among the most popular NetEnt games, and it doesn’t take long to understand why. 

Jack Hammer

While it might look like a regular slot, Jack Hammer offers so much more. The main theme of the game is detective comics from the beginning of the last century. The player follows the story of Jack Hammer fighting against the crime wave led by notorious Dr. Wüten. 

Jack-Hammer Slots Online

What makes Jack Hammer unique and special is the sticky win feature. When this feature starts, the winning combination will freeze, and the rest of the symbols will spin again. The feature will repeat as long as players win more symbols. This means that if the player gets three symbols, the feature will repeat as long as the player keeps getting winning combinations. 

Jack Hammer also offers a way to win additional free spins for collecting the appropriate symbols. The game is without a doubt among the best and smoothest slots available in the market. Even though the graphics are cartoonish, everything looks smooth and stunning. 

Naturally, the players can try free mode of the game if they just want to experiment and have fun. 


NetEnt’s Starburst will take you to space in search of gorgeous gemstones. The slot offers ten paylines across five by three grid. Needless to say, the game looks incredible and quite colorful. All of the symbols in the game are gemstones of various colors, and there are several features that players can trigger. 

Sturbust Slots Online

Among the exciting additions to the game is the so-called Skill Stop that several NetEnt games offer. Here, you can stop the reels whenever you want. All the players need to do is hit the button, and the reels will immediately stop. 

Additionally, the players can win free spins, multipliers, and bonuses. Furthermore, Starburst offers a win-both-ways feature, which means that the player will win no matter if the combination is left to right or right to left. 

All things considered, Starburst is an incredible slot that offers so many various ways to win as well as numerous features and bonuses. 

Dead or Alive

As you can probably guess from the title of the game, the main theme of the slot is Wild West. Similar to every other NetEnd slot, the graphics are incredible, and everything runs smoothly. Symbols in Dead or Alive are boots, cowboy hats, sheriff badges, whiskey glasses, and wanted posters. 

Dead or Alive Slots Online

The entire theme of the game is perfectly visualized, and the players can see stormy weather across the landscape in the background. Of course, there are additional bonus features that players can trigger by collecting scatters on the reels.

During the feature, all wild symbols will become sticky, which means that they will stay on the reels as long as players keep getting winning combinations. 

While the Wild West theme is not rare, NetEnt still managed to create something that is exciting and unique. 

Blood Suckers 2

The game is a direct sequel to the praised Blood Suckers slot. While the slot offers standard twenty-five paylines and five reels, that’s where the similarities end. Besides exceptional graphics, the game offers several bonus features and unique gameplay. 

Bloodsuckers-2 Slots

The protagonist of Blood Suckers 2 is Amelia, who is on her way to find treasure. The player’s job is to aid her along the way and win rewards if they are lucky enough. When the game starts, Amelia will stand in the corner with her crossbow, waiting to slay any monster along her way. From time to time, Amelia will join the fight and use her crossbow to help you win additional prizes.

Naturally, there are scatters, wilds, and bonus rounds where you can win free spins and multipliers. Blood Suckers 2 offers an impressive range for the coin size, which means that both high rollers and casual gamblers can enjoy the game. 


There is no doubt that NetEnt is among the leaders in the online gambling world, and with each new game, they continue to show why. Each of the games NetEnt offers is both unique and visually astounding. 

Of course, one of the best things is that you can try and play NetEnt games even if you are not willing to gamble for real money since they are available for free as well.