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If you love playing online slots, there is no chance that you haven’t heard of Microgaming. The company is located in the Isle of Man, and it is among the leaders in the online gambling industry. While most other companies initially started creating pinball machines or mechanical slots, Microgaming dived straight into online gambling. Furthermore, the company claims that it is behind the first-ever online casino that opened in 1994. 

While the industry giant isn’t a century old, like many other slot manufacturers, they dived straight into the online gambling world and set up a new standard for video slots.

About Microgaming

The company is privately held, and it started working at the beginning of the nineties. While other companies can gloat with many decades of successful operation, Microgaming went straight to business and became one of the leaders in the online gambling world. 

Microgaming online casinos offer over six hundred games where players can pick anything from blackjack, roulette, and video poker. Furthermore, their talent is creating unique and exciting video slots. 

Today, Microgaming uses a high-level research and development program to release, on average, four games each month. The company also runs an online poker network named MPN, or Microgaming Poker Network. Its previous name was Prima Poker. That way, the players can join together on games like Texas Hold’em and five- or seven-card stud. Furthermore, the best thing about this network is that the players can compete against each other in real time. 


All of the games Microgaming offers are based on Flash Player or HTML5 to ensure cross-platform compatibility. Furthermore, all of their releases are also available for download. 

In 2016, Microgaming announced that it would launch a VR headset that will use Oculus Rift technology. The main focus of their virtual casino is VR roulette. 

Thanks to its new Microgaming Viper software, the games are able to provide improved graphics and additional management for players. Not only are their titles fun, but Microgaming also managed to set up a new standard for the overall game quality. 

Furthermore, their slots offer an Auto Play feature that allows players to set a number of spins they wish to play. In our humble opinion, that is an excellent quality of life feature. On top of that, there are so many popular Microgaming slots, and they include titles like Jurassic World, Game of Thrones, Break da Bank, and many others.

Naturally, the most popular and exciting are the ones that offer a progressive jackpot. Usually, the casino will interlink all of their identical slots to offer the same prize pool. That way, each player trying to win the jackpot will contribute to the total prize. Furthermore, the longer the jackpot goes without a win, the higher it will be. As a result, the prize for snatching it can often reach unbelievable amounts. 

In 2015, Microgaming’s slot Mega Moolah set a new record when a U.K. resident won a little over twenty million dollars. And if that’s not impressive enough, the player’s bet was twenty-five cents! The second biggest win on the same slot was in 2017 when a player managed to win the progressive jackpot, earning themselves nine million. Microgaming has paid almost three hundred million in jackpots to this day. 

Finally, for players that wouldn’t like to either download or play on PC, Microgaming also offers mobile casinos where gamblers could try a variety of games via smartphone. 

Online Slots

Besides the fact that two out of the five biggest wins at online casinos are from Microgaming’s slot, there are plenty of other reasons to try their games. Their graphics are impressive, the slot games are fun, and there are plenty of bonus features and ways to win free spins and prizes.

Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah Slots

Naturally, the first slot we’ll mention is Mega Moolah. This game got on the list of the highest jackpots in history, not once, but twice. Mega Moolah will give you an opportunity to visit an African Savanna and win unbelievable amounts.

The symbols in the game are animals and playing cards. Furthermore, there are wild symbols that can act as a multiplier and scatters that are used to trigger the game features. 

Of course, the most exciting thing is the jackpot, and Mega Moolah offers four of those. The player will get an opportunity to win one of the four jackpots by spinning the reels in the bonus round. These four jackpots are mini, minor, major, and mega. The mega jackpot guarantees a payment of one million pounds sterling that is contributed by Microgaming. Furthermore, every time a player places a bet, a portion of that bet goes toward the total prize pool for the progressive jackpot. 

To ensure that each gambler has equal chances to win the reward, the bonus wheel will appear randomly. Finally, even if the player fails to win a jackpot, they will still get a prize since every spin of the wheel is a winning one. 


Thunderstruck Slots

The main inspiration for this slot is Norse mythology, specifically Thor. While the game offers a standard 5×3 grid and nine paylines, the game is quite fun and offers a lot of chances to win big. As you can expect, Thor is the wild symbol in the game, and it can replace anything but the scatter. 

There are also bonus features that players can trigger by collecting scatter symbols. The player can also choose the size of the coin, which varies from $0.09 to $45. Of course, the highest reward in the regular game is by collecting five Thor symbols across the paylines. If the gambler manages to do this, they will receive fifty thousand coins. 

Thunderstruck is a lot of fun, and triggering a bonus will reward fifteen free spins. Furthermore, if the player collects another three scatters during the free spins feature, they will retrigger the bonus. Finally, all the rewards during the bonus will count triple. 

Avalon II

Avalon-2 Online Slots

While the slot is a sequel to the popular title of the same name, Microgaming managed to improve the original game while adding even more excitement and fun. The central theme of the game is King Arthur and his knights. Unlike many other slots, this game offers 3D animations that add even more to the unique style and design.

Avalon II offers a 5×3 grid but is a pays-all-ways slot. Furthermore, Lady of the Lake is an expanding wild symbol in the game, and she can appear only on the middle reel. The second interesting feature is Merlin. Whenever the wizard shows up, he will either multiply the win or the bet. In a nutshell, Merlin will randomly appear and use his staff to increase the total prize.

There are also not one but five bonus features that players can trigger by matching the symbols on the reels. It is worth mentioning that the visuals in the game are incredible, and there aren’t many slots that look as beautiful as Avalon II. 

Immortal Romance

Immortal Romance Online Slots

The slot is a perfect combination of the gothic theme and vampires. The story follows characters that are madly in love with each other but can’t be together. While the paylines and number of reels are similar to other Microgaming releases, bonus games are what makes Immortal Romance unique. 

By collecting scatters, players will get an opportunity to open the Chamber of Spins. But that’s not all. If the players keep retriggering the feature, they will get access to the World of Witches. Here, they will get a chance to meet Amber, who is a pharmacist by day and a witch by night, as well as her best friend Sarah, who is in love with a vampire. 

The players will also get an opportunity to meet Troy and Michael, and they can do so by retriggering the Chamber of Spins feature. While the slot might look similar to others at first glance, there are so many unique aspects to the game, and additional bonuses with each retrigger are more than enough to make this game worth trying out. 



The final slot we will mention is popular for many reasons. Besides the obvious, players can get plenty of rewards, bonus spins, and incredible features. One of the main features of the slot is accessing the Playboy Club. If the player becomes a regular at the club or if they visit frequently, they will unlock additional achievements, benefits, multipliers, and others. 

While you might think that beautiful ladies are the only reason for the popularity of the slot, Playboy offers so much more. 


It’s been over twenty years since Microgaming released their first game and initiated the era of online casinos. Today, they look bigger than ever, and they show that they are not ready to stop. So if you are looking for some of the best slots on the market, Microgaming won’t disappoint you.