Merkur Slots

If we take a look at the European gambling market, we can see another giant that was part of the well-known Gauselmann Group. While we mostly associate Germany with advanced engineering and cars, this time, they focused on creating slot machines. 

Merkur Gaming has been in the business for over sixty years, and the company managed to get a solid reputation in the casino world. 

History of Merkur Gaming

Over sixty years ago, in 1957, to be more precise, Paul Gauselmann founded the Gauselmann Group. The company quickly became the leader in the field and a huge enterprise with a focus on creating slots and arcade games. Not only did they make quite an impact on the gaming industry, but the owner has over two hundred patents and titles to his name. 

Furthermore, Paul Gauselmann received numerous awards, and he is considered to be a legend in the German gambling world. Merkur is just a part of his incredible company, and it was founded in 2006. The idea behind Merkur Gaming was to promote the expansion of the company outside of Germany. 

The main focus of Merkur is creating and manufacturing physical slots worldwide. While the company has various branches across the world, its headquarters remained in Germany. 

Interestingly, Merkur stands behind the introduction of recycled money. Their devices can pay out banknotes as well as coins, which means that it can avoid running out of money. While the company didn’t dive straight into the online business, they still offer a variety of slots online that players can try. 

Today, Merkur operates on a global level, and the company provides slots both in physical casinos and online. 

Merkur Online Slots

Even though the online slot market is impressive, companies like Merkur still manage to find a way to improve and add something unique and special. We will take a look at the top Merkur games that are available online. 

221B Baker Street

If you guessed Sherlock Holmes, you guessed right. The game is inspired by the well-known Arthur Conan Doyle’s character. The players will have an opportunity to join the detective on his adventures in Victorian London. 


The slot also offers twenty paylines across a three-by-five grid. There are also not one but two different bonus features that players can activate by collecting symbols. If they collect three or more symbols with Big Ben, they will start the free spin feature. And depending on the number of symbols they’ve collected, gamblers can get up to twenty free spins with a five times multiplier. 

Furthermore, the player can trigger a Duel Round even during the free spin feature, which will allow them to experience a duel between our favorite detective and his archnemesis Moriarty. 

Among the most exciting features is the gamble option, which allows players to do precisely that after each win. In this bonus feature, the player can select a card where they will have to guess its color or suit or select a ladder gamble option. Furthermore, the ladder might seem easier for beginners, the minigame requires a bit of skill if the players hope to win the highest reward. The maximum they can win from these minigames is 140. The players will get to pick between two values, and whenever they successfully pick the higher one, the ladder will go up. If they fail, they will take a step back. The round ends if the player reaches the top or the bottom. Gamblers can also bank the amount they’ve won and end the minigame at any point. 

Naturally, if the player fails to guess either the card or climb the ladder, they will lose their initial bet. 

So if you are a big fan of Holmes and his adventures, most Merkur casinos will offer 221B Baker Street slot, which is something you shouldn’t miss. 

Dragon’s Treasure

Merkur Gaming gave us a unique opportunity to travel into a medieval wood in search of a treasure guarded by a dragon. All of the symbols in this game follow the same mystical theme, and there are both wilds and scatters available.


By collecting three or more dragon symbols, the player will get free spins. Furthermore, they will get an opportunity to land a combo by picking one of the symbols, and if they manage to do that, the entire reel will change into that symbol resulting in an even bigger win. 

Similarly to the previous game, there is a gamble round that players can pick after each win. There are two options to choose from — card-guessing and ladder. 

Double Triple Chance

With the expansion of online gambling, companies started adding more and more reels with a hundred different paylines. Merkur Gaming decided to go for the opposite approach and went a step back, creating an incredible slot with a dose of nostalgia. 


Double Triple Chance is a vintage-inspired three-reel slot with five paylines, and it came as a breath of fresh air. It seems like an exciting idea to go back to basics and pay tribute to the original slot machines that started everything. The symbols in it are fruits we all know and love, and the players can easily trigger one of the features this slot offers.

The first one is Rewin. If the player gets a matching symbol on all reels, they will win a bonus and trigger this feature. When Rewin begins, the player will try their luck on the Wheel of Fortune, and if it lands on one of the green segments, the round will respin.

There are a total of six rounds, and the players will have a chance to win big if they are fortunate enough to avoid red fields on the wheel.

Naturally, like in the previous examples, there is a gamble feature where the player can increase their winnings if they guess the color of the card or climb the ladder.

Brilliant Sparkle

The main theme of the game are gemstones and the luxury they bring. The same awaits players willing to try their luck at the Brilliant Sparkle slot. Furthermore, the game offers a standard three-by-five grid with ten paylines. Symbols in the game are represented by gems of different shapes and colors. 

Brilliant-Sparkle online Slots

If the player wins any amount that is below 140 of their respective currency, they will get a chance to increase their winnings by gambling. Similarly to the previous games, the player can either go card-guessing or try their luck at the ladder. 

All in all, the visuals in Brilliant Sparkle are incredible, and the game runs incredibly well regardless of the device you use to play it. 

Captain Stack

The main inspiration for this game is a pirate’s life and search for buried treasure. The player will get a chance to go on a real pirate adventure. Furthermore, the visuals and sound effects in the game are incredible, and they only improve the whole vibe of the slot. 


Besides, the slot offers unique Merkur features, like gamble after each win, with the chances of winning a lot of money even after a small win. Once again, the players will have the option of picking either card or ladder gamble feature.

Among the standard playing card symbols, there are parrots, treasure, pirate skulls, swords, and others.


It’s evident that Merkur Gaming is among the leaders in the casino gaming market, and with each new game it creates, the company shows why they are at the top. The casino slots in their repertoire are fun, exciting, visually incredible, and offer a lot of prizes for players that are fortunate enough. 

There is no doubt that Merkur will continue growing and creating one of the best slots on the market.