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While the company had many ups and downs, they still remained one of the biggest and most important slots manufacturers in the world. There are so many casinos all over Las Vegas that offer Bally’s slots, and they kept popularity and attention of gamblers. Interestingly, Bally was a name that several companies had throughout history, and the brand remained one of the most impactful ones in the casino business. 

History of Bally Manufacturing

The company was initially founded in 1932 under the name Bally Manufacturing. Originally, Bally was making pinball machines but quickly started making gambling equipment. They quickly became one of the leaders in game making, and soon they were an important part of the gaming industry.

In the early years, the company tried its luck in several different spheres. Bally made pinballs, vending machines, munitions and parts for airplanes during WWII, coffee vending services, and they even had their own record label. 

During the sixties, Bally was acquired by a group of investors after its founder died. The company continued to reign over slots market, and near the end of the decade, it had close to ninety percent of the global market. Furthermore, Bally made the first electromechanical slot game ever, and they named it Money Honey. 

When New Jersey finally legalized casinos in the seventies, the company quickly joined the business. At one point, Bally became a public trade company, and they acquired several other companies, including Midway, which soon became the company’s primary source of income. Furthermore, Midway also became a maker of early arcades, and by acquiring them, Bally obtained licenses for games like Pac-Man, Space Invaders, and others. 

The company kept growing during the eighties, but they bit off more than they could chew, and they bought several casinos, among which were MGM Grand Hotels in Reno and Vegas, and Golden Nugget Casino in Atlantic City. This fast expansion forced the company to sell off a few of its divisions, including Midway and Six Flags — the popular amusement park. WMS bought both Midway and Bally’s pinball division.

Furthermore, during the nineties, the company had to sell even more to pay off its debts. Bally sold Grand Sierra Resorts, which was named Bally’s Reno at the moment, Scientific Games, a successful maker of lottery equipment, and a chain of arcades named Aladdin’s Castle. 

In 1995, the company was renamed to Bally Entertainment with the idea of focusing on casino business. Besides, the fact that they weren’t manufacturing anymore also played a role in the decision. During the same year, Bally decided to open a new casino next to Bally’s Las Vegas. The name of the hotel casino is Paris Las Vegas, and the casino resort finally opened in 1999. However, before the hotel’s opening, the company was eventually purchased by Hilton Hotels Corporation. 

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Bally Technologies

In 1968, the company named Advanced Patent Technology was founded. The entrepreneurs in charge of this decision had several patents in electronics, optics, and medicine. APT officially joined the gaming industry when it acquired United Coin Machine Company which was at the moment among the biggest slot route operators in the Silver State. 

Due to some shake-ups, the company had to change the name, but it wasn’t the last time. The second name for the company was Gaming and Technology Inc., with the idea of representing the focus and goals of the company better. 

In the mid-eighties, the company merged with Omega Enterprises, which was a manufacturer of video slots. A few years later, one of the Cal Omega plants were closed, and the company decided to rename the name company to United Gaming Inc. In addition, they recognized United Coin as its primary asset. 

The company kept growing, and they expanded to Louisiana, where gambling was legal in 1991. Furthermore, United changed ownerships, made improvements, and made numerous deals across the state, until they decided to change the name once again. This time, they chose Alliance Gaming with the idea to redefine and revitalize the company.

In 1995, the company eventually merged with Bally after a period of negotiations, lawsuits, and Bally organized three separate divisions. One of those three was Alliance Gaming: Bally Gaming, which specialized in gaming machines. Furthermore, in 1999, Bally released a new slot, Thrillions, that offered a progressive jackpot. Originally, it had a Betty Boop as the main theme, but later, they created ones with Popeye and Blondie. In 2006, the company finally took the name Bally and made it into a trademark.

Finally, in 2014, Bally agreed to the proposal, and Scientific Games bought Bally Technologies. Today, Scientific Games owns four brands, and besides Bally, there are Shuffle Master, SG, and WMS.

Popular Games

For players looking to try slot machines provided by Bally, there are numerous casinos worldwide offering its products. In Las Vegas, the players can try Bally’s casinos, and if they are looking for something that they can play from the comfort of their homes, there is also an online option. 

Dragon Spin

Dragon Spin Slots Machine

Among the most exciting slots online is Dragon Spin. While there are so many slots online that offer the theme based on Chinese mythology, Dragon Spin manages to add something new and unique. When you play the slot, you will get a chance to get numerous free spins and start exciting bonus features. 

The slot also offers a variety of coin sizes, which makes it exciting both for casual gamblers and high-rollers. Furthermore, the graphics are stunning, and the game runs fluently regardless of the device you use to access the online casino. 

King of Pop


While there are many slots out there that offer incredible audio effects, not many can compare with the King of Pop. The slot is inspired by Michael Jackson, and the entire theme of the game is exceptional. Even if you are not a fan of the famous singer, it is hard to stay indifferent when you hear “Dirty Diana” as background music. 

All of the symbols in the game are inspired by the King of Pop, and you will collect his famous sunglasses, gloves, hats, and others. The game offers a variety of bonuses and features, and each of them is followed by one of MJ’s hits. 

It is not rare to see a slot with incredible music, but King of Pop is among the best. Players who tried it admitted that they always come back because of the songs.

88 Fortunes

Another exciting slot created by Bally Interactive is 88 Fortunes. If the player is fortunate enough, they will have a chance to win big. This Orient-themed slot offers a chance to win four different jackpots. Furthermore, there are standard and regular symbols for bird, coin, turtle, and chalice.


The slot offers 243 paylines, and since the eight is considered to be a lucky number in China, coin size can vary between $0.88 and $88. There are also free spins, various bonus features, and everything else you can expect from an excellent slot.

Even though the theme is not something that’s unique among the slots, 88 Fortunes manages to add something new and create a slot that’s timeless. 


Even after so many acquisitions, ups, and downs, Bally remains among the best and most loved slot manufacturers in the world. Its unique approach to the whole gaming industry and exciting games made it earn a spot on the top of every list. 

The company changed names and owners so many times over the years, but one thing has remained constant — its quality.